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Navigation Eye Care

Dr. Teten knows what you want most is for you and your family to have the best vision possible.

With more than 7 years of experience, she has diagnosed and treated thousands of children and adults with a variety of eye health and vision disorders or delays…if you or your child are having trouble seeing and functioning well with your vision, she can help.She loves everything about being an eye doctor, and she’s most excited about helping educate patients and guiding parents with practical tips to integrate vision improvement techniques into their everyday, to make life a little easier.

Girl with a sucker at Chesapeake eye doctor

As a mom...

She understands how helpless you feel when you can’t figure out what is going on with you or your child’s health. If the doctor or pediatrician would just give you some guidance, everything would be so much simpler.

As a developmental optometrist...

She strongly believes that you should be equipped with the tools necessary to have the best possible vision, which means more than just seeing 20/20 visual acuity on an eye chart.

Navigation Eye Care | Chesapeake, Virginia

As a Navy spouse...

She understands the unique dynamics involved in the military family life and how it can affect the continuity of going to the eye doctor and finding one that understands the needs of those who serve our great country.

Girl with a sucker at Chesapeake eye doctor
Navigation Eye Care | Chesapeake, Virginia
Amber Teten - Navigation Eye Care

Rather than getting the same “result” at your eye exams and always feeing like something is missing, we believe you can:

  • Understand your visual system and how it affects development, behavior and accommodations
  • Get the best quality eye care and become proactive in your eye health
  • Use vision therapy strategies in everyday scenarios to help make life easier
  • Eliminate frustration for yourself or between you and your child

Meet the team

The friendly staff at Navigation Eye Care
Kim O'Rawe, Dr. Teten, and Amanda Stampfler

Kim O'Rawe

My name is Kim O’Rawe and I am a certified optician and contact lens specialist. I have been working in this field for twenty four years. I love to help people pick the perfect glasses to fit all of their vison care needs!

I have been happily married to my husband Rick for the last twenty three years. We have two children together. Ellie, our eighteen year old all star cheerleader who is currently going to college to pursue a career in medical diagnostic sonography. Ricky, our sixteen year old wrestler who is a junior at Grassfield High School, is planning to join the military after graduation.

My husband and I spent eight years overseas with the Navy before he retired. During that time we were fortunate enough to be stationed in Germany, Singapore, and Italy. We traveled to 52 countries and made many memories with our family. It was such an amazing experience!

When I’m not at work or traveling to sporting events, I love to do a lot of crafting!!

Amanda Stampfler

I was born and raised in southwest Michigan - where I went to school with my now husband. I went to college at the University of Colorado in Boulder (Go Buffs!) and loved every second of my time there!

After my husband finished flight school in Texas we ended up in Chesapeake, where we eventually got married and started our family. We have two boys, Tanner and Carson, who are absolute balls of energy and entertainment! We also have our sweet rescue pup, Layla, that we adopted during our time in Texas.

In my free time I love to spend time with our families, travel, and find the best food and shopping with friends. We recently moved back to the area after spending a couple of years in Japan for my husband's job (Navy pilot). I am so excited to continue raising our kids here and to work with such a fantastic group of people to serve the eye care needs of families in our area!