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Chesapeake Pediatric Eye Doctor – Teens and Eyecare

By: Dr. Amber Teten, Chesapeake Pediatric Eye Doctor As children become teenagers, their visual needs and eye health concerns change. Teenagers spend more time focusing on screens, and the pressure of academics, sports, and social activities can strain their eyes. Dr. Teten, a pediatric eye doctor, will discuss some common

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Chesapeake Pediatric Eye Doctor – Children with Strabismus

By: Dr. Amber Teten, Chesapeake Pediatric Eye Doctor As a pediatric eye doctor, Dr. Teten has often encountered patients with strabismus. This condition affects the alignment of the eyes. Strabismus, also known as crossed eyes, can develop in children and adults, resulting in a range of symptoms, including double vision,

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Chesapeake Pediatric Eye Doctor – Eye Infections in Children

By: Dr. Amber Teten, Chesapeake Pediatric Eye Doctor Eye infections in children are a common reason to see a pediatric eye doctor, and parents should be aware of their dangers. Eye infections can cause redness, irritation, and even vision problems if not treated properly. It’s essential to be aware of

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Chesapeake Pediatric Eye Doctor – Amblyopia in Children

By: Dr. Amber Teten, Chesapeake Pediatric Eye Doctor As a pediatric eye doctor specializing in pediatric eye care, one of the most common conditions I see in children is amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye.” Amblyopia occurs when one eye doesn’t develop normal visual acuity, usually due to a misalignment

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Chesapeake Eye Doctor – Eyesight and Night Driving

By: Dr. Amber Teten – Eye Doctor Driving at night can be a fun and exciting experience. The stars are out, and the roads are generally quieter. However, nighttime driving can be a task full of hesitation and uneasiness. All drivers of vehicles need to be extra cautious on the

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Chesapeake Eye Doctor Caring for Your Lenses

By: Dr. Amber Teten – Eye Doctor Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, proper care is essential to maintain clear and comfortable vision. Proper eyewear lens care is a common discussion point an eye doctor may have with their patients. Not only does proper lens care prolong the life

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