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Welcome to Navigation Eye Care, where we provide world-class eye care service for the entire family. Dr. Amber Teten, is a skilled eye doctor in Chesapeake VA who has dedicated her career to pediatric optometry and vision therapy. She has created a warm and inviting environment where kids can relax and be comfortable during their eye exams, making the experience a positive one for everyone involved.

But our services don’t stop with just pediatric optometry. We welcome patients of all ages and provide comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, and eyeglass prescriptions for the whole family. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in utilizing the latest technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and prescribing effective treatments. We understand the importance of clear vision and the impact it has on one’s learning, overall quality of life, and well-being. That’s why we provide personalized care that is tailored to each patient’s unique needs and concerns. At Navigation Eye Care, we take the time to listen to our patients and make sure they feel heard and cared for.

Our goal is to provide exceptional eye care services that exceed our patients’ expectations. We believe that every patient deserves the highest quality of eye care, and we are dedicated to providing just that.

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“What an absolutely amazing place! So happy and inviting. The staff is phenomenal and they take such great care of you. They have a wide variety of frames and styles for everyone. The time they took with me was genuine and never rushed.”
– Cindy O.

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At Navigation Eye Care, we pride ourselves on offering a truly exceptional eye care experience that sets us apart from other local optometrist Chesapeake VA clinics. We understand that your eye health is of utmost importance, and we go above and beyond to ensure your comfort, satisfaction, and overall well-being. The team at Navigation Eye Care, is committed to providing personalized care that meets your unique needs. We believe in building lasting relationships with our patients and treating them like family. To demonstrate the differences in our approach, we have created a table below that highlights some of the key factors that set us apart. We invite you to explore these differences and see why choosing Navigation Eye Care is the right choice for your eye care needs.

Welcome to Navigation Eye Care, where we provide world-class eye care service for the entire family. Dr. Amber Teten, is the most sought after optometrist Chesapeake VA has right now. She has dedicated her career to pediatric optometry and vision therapy. She has created a warm and inviting environment where kids can relax and be comfortable during their eye exams, making the experience a positive one for everyone involved. At Navigation Eye Care, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address all of your family’s eye care needs. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care to your family no matter their age, ensuring optimal vision and eye health for the entire family.

In addition to pediatric optometry and vision therapy, we provide a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of our patients. Our comprehensive eye exams go beyond assessing visual acuity (how well you see) and include thorough evaluations of eye health, checking for conditions such as eye turns (amblyopia), digital eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and more. We utilize advanced diagnostic technology to ensure accurate and timely diagnoses, allowing us to develop personalized treatment plans.

For those interested in contact lenses, we offer expert contact lens fittings to find the perfect lenses for your individual needs. Our team will guide you through the selection process, taking into account factors such as comfort, visual acuity, and lifestyle preferences. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure a successful transition to contact lens wear.

At Navigation Eye Care, we understand the importance of stylish and functional eyewear. Our optical boutique offers a wide selection of frames, including the latest designer brands and a variety of lens options to suit your visual requirements. Whether you’re looking for fashionable frames or specialized lenses such as progressive or blue-light-filtering, our knowledgeable team will help you find the perfect solution.

With our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in eye care, you can trust that you are receiving the highest standard of care at Navigation Eye Care. Our dedicated team members are passionate about helping you achieve and maintain optimal vision for a lifetime. We invite you to experience our comprehensive services and personalized care that puts your vision and well-being at the forefront.

As the best optometrist Chesapeake VA has to offer, Navigation Eye Care strives to create a positive and welcoming environment for all our patients. From the moment you step through our doors, you will be greeted by our friendly and compassionate team who are dedicated to making your visit as comfortable as possible. Our waiting area is designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere, with comfortable seating and soothing music to help you feel at ease.

During your eye exam, our highly trained and knowledgeable optometrist, Dr. Teten, will take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have. She will conduct a thorough examination using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate diagnoses and precise prescriptions. We believe in a personalized approach to eye care, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs and preferences.

We understand that visiting an optometrist Chesapeake VA can sometimes be an anxious experience, especially for those with specific eye conditions or concerns. Rest assured that our team is experienced in dealing with a wide range of eye-related issues and will provide gentle and professional care throughout your examination.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the clinical aspect of your visit. We believe in clear and effective communication, ensuring that you understand your diagnosis, treatment options, and any necessary follow-up procedures. Our team will take the time to explain everything in a straightforward and understandable manner, empowering you to make informed decisions about your eye health.

At Navigation Eye Care, we value your time and strive to minimize waiting periods. We have implemented efficient scheduling systems to ensure that you are seen promptly at your appointment time. Our goal is to make your visit to us, as your optometrist Chesapeake VA, convenient and stress-free.

In addition to our exceptional care, we also offer a wide range of eyewear options to suit your style and vision needs. Our knowledgeable team members will guide you through the selection process, helping you find the perfect frames and lenses that not only enhance your vision but also reflect your personal style.

We are humbled by the numerous 5-star reviews we have received from our patients, which highlight the exceptional level of care and service we provide. When you choose Navigation Eye Care, you can expect a warm, friendly, and professional environment, where your eye health and overall well-being are our top priorities. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and providing you with an exceptional eye care experience. Below, we have highlighted some of the most common reviews we receive, giving you a glimpse of what you can expect when you choose Navigation Eye Care for your eye care journey. We invite you to read these reviews and see why our patients consistently recommend us for their eye care needs.

We appreciate your interest in Navigation Eye Care as your optometrist Chesapeake VA. Please fill out the form below, and one of our friendly team members will reach out to you promptly. We are here to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule your next eye exam. We look forward to serving you!