By: Dr. Amber Teten, Optometrist Chesapeake VA

As an Optometrist Chesapeake VA and a parent, your child’s health and well-being are your top priority, including their eye health. Ensuring that your child’s vision is developing typically and that there are no underlying eye conditions is crucial for their overall health and academic success. However, many parents may need help knowing what to ask their child’s eye doctor during an appointment. Dr. Teten, an Optometrist Chesapeake VA, will review seven essential questions you should ask your pediatric eye doctor.

Firstly, we will cover the timing of your child’s first eye exam and how often they should have subsequent exams. It’s important to know when your child should have their first eye exam and how often they should have follow-up exams to ensure their vision is developing correctly. Secondly, we will discuss determining if your child’s vision is developing typically and what signs to look out for that may indicate a problem.

Next, we will address some common signs of eye problems, the importance of sunglasses, and whether or not contact lenses are appropriate for children. Additionally, we will go over what to do if your child gets something in their eye and how to protect their eyes during sports. By asking Dr. Teten, your Optometrist Chesapeake VA, these seven important questions, you can ensure that your child’s eyes remain healthy and their vision stays clear for years. So, let’s get started and learn more about how to protect your child’s eye health.

When should my child have their first eye exam?

The American Optometric Association recommends that children have their first eye exam at six months. This exam is crucial to identify potential eye problems affecting your child’s vision as they grow. Suppose no issues are found during the first exam. In that case, your child should have a comprehensive eye exam at age three and then again before they start kindergarten. Afterward, your child should have an eye exam every one to two years, depending on their health and family history.

Is my child’s vision developing normally?

It’s essential to ask your Optometrist Chesapeake VA if your child’s vision is developing correctly. During the eye exam, Dr. Teten will check your child’s visual acuity, eye alignment, eye movement, and eye health. They will also test for common eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If the doctor identifies any issues, they may suggest corrective measures such as glasses or vision therapy.

For further discussion on your child’s visual development, check out Dr. Teten’s blog.

What are some signs of eye problems in children?

As a parent, you should be aware of the signs of eye problems in your child. Some common signs to look for include the following:

Squinting or rubbing their eyes

Excessive tearing or discharge

Sensitivity to light

Frequently tilting their head or covering one eye

Poor focusing

Avoiding activities that require good visual acuity

If you notice any of these signs, bringing your child to an Optometrist Chesapeake VA specializing in pediatrics for an exam as soon as possible is important.

Should my child wear sunglasses?

Yes! Sunglasses are just as important for children as they are for adults. The UV rays from the sun can damage your child’s eyes over time and increase the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Ensure your child wears sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection when outside.

Can my child wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are safe for children if they’re mature enough to follow proper hygiene and lens care practices. Dr. Teten will be able to determine if your child is a good candidate for contact lenses based on age, eye health, and maturity level.

Navigation Eye Care also fits children with a specialty contact lens known as Misight. The Misight contact lens is FDA-approved and introduces some of the latest technological advances in contact lenses. Specifically, the Misight lens is used to help treat children with an eye condition known as myopia. These specialty contact lenses have been a favorite for Dr. Teten and for those who wear them now.

What should I do if my child gets something in their eye?

If your child gets something in their eye, it’s important to act quickly. First, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid introducing bacteria into your child’s eye. Next, try to flush out the object by having your child blink their eye or using a sterile saline solution. If the object is still present after flushing, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Bring your child to Dr. Teten for proper removal and treatment as soon as possible.

How can I protect my child’s eyes during sports?

Sports-related eye injuries are common in children, so protecting your child’s eyes is essential. Ensure your child wears appropriate eye protection during sports such as basketball, soccer, and baseball. Depending on the sport, this could mean wearing goggles or a helmet with a face shield. Talk to your eye doctor about the best type of eye protection for your child’s sport.

As a parent, taking an active role in your child’s eye health is essential by asking the right questions during their eye exams. By asking the questions outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy, their vision is developing typically, and they are taking the necessary steps to protect their eyes from potential injury or damage. Remember that early detection and treatment of eye problems can prevent future vision problems and ensure your child has the best possible visual outcomes. So, don’t hesitate to ask, Dr. Teten, any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s eye health. With Dr. Teten’s expertise and involvement, you can ensure that your child’s eyes remain healthy and their vision stays clear for years.

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